Team Swift, our local junior cycling development program, is thrilled to offer you an invitation to the 2021 ‘abridged’ Cycle with Champions.

Not surprisingly, Team Swift’s racing & event schedule was changed or cancelled due to the pandemic. Our ‘abridged’ version of our largest revenue generating event, “Cycle with Champions” is scheduled for October 24, 2021. We aspire to create a cycling event to bring our cycling community together, have a fun day and, most importantly, help raise money for our 2022 program.

This is a fundraising event for Team Swift. There is a suggested ‘but not required’ donation of $50 per person. Please come out to ride or simply help support our program. Donations to Team Swift will kindly be received at the Donate Now button on the home page.

The ‘abridged’ version of the ride will meet at the base of Lake Sonoma Dam in the picnic parking lot. We will not be able to have the auction or the lunch with Pasta King but there will be lots of snacks and soft drinks. You can meet our current members and graduates during the ride and over snacks. While in the picnic area we will follow the County Rules regarding social distancing and face masks.

This ride will happen, rain or shine!

The format for the “Team Swift abridged CYCLE WITH CHAMPIONS”:

The course will be from the bottom of Lake Sonoma Dam in the picnic parking lot across the street from the visitor’s center which is at

Lake Sonoma
3333 Skaggs Springs Rd
Geyserville, CA 95441

Arrive anytime after 8:00AM and stage up for a 9:00 AM departure. Ride with our team and friends on a casual loop south to Lambert Bridge and back. Then we will regroup for a mass start up Rockpile Road. Keep in mind these are open roads and everyone must follow the rules uphill and also downhill. Return to the parking lot for snacks and to meet the team. Many of our current members and graduates will be riding with us.


If you are not in a hurry we encourage you to cycle or hike up Rockpile Road prior to the start of the event and spread yourselves out along the entire course. There are numerous vantage points along the entire course to enjoy the “challenge”.

In order to provide a “safe environment” everyone MUST adhere to the following rules. This is a perfect time to set an example for our youth cyclists. Make this your challenge.

  1. When you are not actually cycling you must wear a face mask. In the picnic area, you will all receive a Team Swift face mask, individually packaged in a Zip Lock bag, for you to wear during the event.
  2. Everyone must socially distance at 6 feet.
  3. Cheer on the “Swifties”, but please maintain 6 feet from the riders. DO NOT yell or scream in their faces. Cow bells are highly encouraged.
  4. Spitting or snot rockets are a big No-No while riding in a group.
  5. Do Not share food or water bottles.
  6. When the event is over please descend at very safe speeds. This is not a day to go for a Strava PR.
  7. Unless necessary we do not want too many vehicles on Rockpile Road. There are parking lots along with way and many pull outs.
  8. Please do not park your vehicle at the base of Rockpile Road. Park elsewhere and cycle to the event or be dropped off.
  9. Rockpile Road is OPEN to vehicular traffic as well as other recreational cyclists, SO be very cautious. Also, be respectful and courteous to the local residents.
  10. Pack out all of your trash!!!

We are all learning to co-exist with Covid and slowly returning our lives to “normalcy”. By following these simple guidelines it gives us the opportunity to safely put on an event for Team Swift and also give the cyclists of Sonoma County something to cheer about.

Have fun, wear your Team Swift mask, be safe and lets all have a festive and safe cycling extravaganza!!!

If circumstances regarding Covid worsen in Sonoma County or there happens to be poor air quality, the event may potentially be postponed. Keep your fingers crossed for better days ahead.

*Note: Team Swift riders will need to bring their USAC license and sign a waiver. This is an important ride to attend.