Team Swift Junior Development is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community based youth bicycling organization. Our Mission is to develop elite bicyclists from beginners.

Riders of Team Swift range between 10-18 years old. We help move them through the different stages during development as junior cyclists by bringing them many resources including equipment, coaching and technical advice. Team Swift also teaches the rules and etiquette of cycling to help create good ambassadors for our sport as well as good community members.

The Team Swift Organization was developed as a system to identify, recruit and develop cyclists from a small demographic region, give them resources and experience to move to higher levels of the sport. Since its inception, a guiding principle within Team Swift has been to contribute positively and significantly to cycling in America.

It has been a central philosophy of Team Swift that the overall success of American cycling depends upon widespread opportunities for young cyclists. The support of our local cycling community is key to helping more young people experience the benefits offered by Team Swift. We want to bring you fast, smart, swift riders to your communities and cycling clubs.


With over 250 career victories in bicycle racing, Laura Charameda, distinguishes the Team Swift program from any other. With a resume that includes two National Criterium Championships, a bronze medal in the World Championships and a member of the U.S. National Team from 1993-1998, the credibility Laura brings to the program can’t be denied. Since not many programs have national caliber coaches, Laura feels that Team Swift is an attractive opportunity not only for young riders but also for sponsors as well. Team Swift has more than benefited from the connections Laura has made throughout her career. These connections have led to such opportunities as racing both national and international events which give the team and sponsors worldwide exposure.

The Team Swift program has continued to recruit top personnel resources. A number of volunteer assistants from coaching, medical and sports doctors, professional consultants, and bicycle industry sponsors offer advice and help to our riders.


Team Swift is a club for boys and girls of all levels of riding ability. There is also the infrastructure to help riders develop into higher levels of racing with increasing challenges if they choose to dedicate themselves to cycling. The development pipeline moves younger club riders of beginning skill levels up to the elite level of junior racers. The Elite Team is the core group of riders that represents Team Swift at the highest level. These riders compete in national and international events at the 17-18 year old junior level and typically have USAC Senior Category II-III licenses.


If a young rider is coming into the Team Swift program with little or no cycling experience the expectations are simple: learn the basics of the sport, how to be safe on the road and most importantly, have fun. As the riders progress through the program, or come into the program at a more advanced level, the expectations shift to developing the competitive aspect of the sport. Discipline becomes emphasized at this level and riders must demonstrate this discipline in their training, their ability to be coached and their overall desire to represent the team and the program. Team Swift looks to their older, more experienced riders to be ambassadors for the program and lead by example.


The current season has a full calendar of local, regional and national events. Team Swift is dedicated to sustaining a structure that helps develop riders to qualify for the USA National Team Cycling Programs. See our Performance Plan for a more detailed breakdown